Heavy Metals and ADHD : QA

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Hi, Thanks for your newsletter and all the information in it.

What do you think about ionic magnesium to help the very impulsive child? We tried
ritalin a few years ago and decided against it due to side effects. Also, what do you
think about testing for and taking out heavy metals?


Hi Suzanne

I don't know anything about ionic magnesium as a treatment. I do like a combination of
Attend, Extress, and our adhd diet for treating impulsive children.

See http://newideas.net/adhd/different-types-adhd/hyperactive for more on specific
treatment strategies.

Yes, I am very concerned about heavy metals. My wife is off heart medication because we
took out her 1 (one) amalgam filling (mercury toxic). Heavy metals in our tissues, or in
our mouth, or in our brain, is really bad for us - they are neuro-toxins. Do what you can
to get rid of them.

Doug Cowan

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