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VAXA ATTEND : Homeopathic ADHD Alternative Treatment

Natural medicines and homeopathic alternative treatment options like Attend from VAXA are powerful alternatives today in the health care field. While each year there are an estimated 350 million visits to medical doctors, there are 420 million annual visits to alternative practitioners. That's 70 million more than visit medical doctors!

Consumer spending on alternative treatments has exploded tenfold in the last ten years! Why? Because these alternative treatments can be effective, often without harmful side effects. Diet interventions, EEG Biofeedback, and VAXA Attend (along with Extress or Memorin), are excellent ADHD alternative treatment options for your family to consider.

As many as 9% of children and teens meet the diagnostic criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and with growing doubts about the wide-spread use of stimulant medications in children, products like VAXA Attend are growing in popularity - they are safe, effective, and easy to purchase.

"His teacher said that (he) was completely different, and it was just the first day! She said that he went from the most distracted student last year to the most attentive student - a day and night difference! I'm excited! She wanted to know if I could bring some for all of the students." - David N., Ph.D.

"VAXA Attend" is a natural alternative ADHD treatment choice that really works!

So many parents buy Attend that it is one of the most popular alternative choices to ADHD medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Stimulants may not be as safe as once thought, and many parents are looking for alternative treatments or a natural remedy that works.

VAXA Attend Alternative Treatment for ADHD Video

ADHD Alternative Medicine | VAXA Attend Homeopathic Medicine

VAXA's Neuro-Scientists developed this Attend formula using cutting edge research with amino acid combinations, Essential Fatty Acids and Lipid complexes, homeopathic medicines, and precursors to specific neurotransmitters. This combination of neural building materials gives the brain what it needs to optimize performance in filtering out noise from the "outside world," and noise from "the inside world," to focus better on the task at hand. Attend helps children and adults who have problems with attention, learning, or impulse control!

"My son has been using ATTEND for five years now, and he couldn't do school without it. It has made a tremendous difference in his life - and our family." Laura C., R.N.

Attend is formulated with 72 specific ingredients for maximum benefit:

  • Specific Amino Acid combinations for the increased production of specific neurotransmitters,
  • Essential Fatty Acids and Phospholipid complexes, as over one-half of the dry weight of the brain is made up of fatty acids and lipids, and supplementation in EFAs and lipid complexes has been shown to be beneficial for ADHD, and brain performance in general,
  • and Homeopathic Medicines targeted to the symptoms of ADHD.

Attend results

ADHD Alternative Treatment with Attend

Attend is a homeopathic medicine that is combined with the most advanced nutritional formula available. Providing nutritional and homeopathic support to the Central Nervous System, VAXA Attend may help to optimize the brain by giving the support required for new neural growth and neurotransmitter production, according to neuroscientist Dr. Gregory Young.

Taken regularly, Attend was formulated to complement our body's natural calming and balancing agents, which may help to focus attention, calm down and relax more, and finish our tasks.

We personally performed the research and development studies for Attend, and we have seen the positive results in real life settings. Attend may help 70% to be more focused, to get their work done, and to think more clearly. It may help you too. Here is what we found...

Get BIG Improvements in Self-Control

The ATTEND group showed the greatest improvement in Self-Control. This means that as a group they made fewer mistakes, guessed less on responses, slowed themselves down to get the right answers, and showed better neurological self-control.

Get More Consistent Performance

The next greatest improvement was in the Consistency of Performance, which is the most difficult category to improve whether using Attend or stimulant medications. The group saw an overall improvement of 1.2 standard deviations. The group using ATTEND could stay on task longer, and they had less "ups and downs" during the test. They were performing better and so could you!

Improve Your Focus to a Task

The Focus to Task category, improved 1.0 standard deviations. This is also a very strong improvement considering it is for an entire group. This means that as a group they were paying attention to the task much better, and for a longer period of time. Their "attention span" increased to the boring task of the TOVA test.

Improved Reaction Time Means Real Improvements (this is NOT a Placebo...)

The improvement in Reaction Time was 5 points, or 1/2 of a standard deviation, which is still statistically significant, especially for a group. Reaction Time is obviously neurologically based. Improvement in RT indicates that neurological performance had improved for the group for some reason. That reason was the use of Attend for 30 days.

"After bad experiences with meds and only partial help? with supplements I tried Vaxa Attend. It is really helping! However, I personally need to give up sugar & additives, & most milk, corn & wheat products, too. I find that if I take some caffeine powder in flavored water and sip on it when I feel a loss of energy, it helps me really keep going, while Attend helps me focus. I have to take 4 pills of Attend a day. It worked for me in hours, though for some it takes a month or so. " - a comment on YouTube regarding one of our ADHD videos.

Getting the Most From Attend by VAXA

To get the most benefit from using Attend as an alternative ADHD treatment option, we strongly recommend that you also use our ADHD diet recommendations. We also recommend that you study the Different Types of ADHD, and order recommended products for your type's Specific Treatment Strategy.

IMPORTANT: Use our Specific Treatment Strategies for your specific type of ADHD for the best results!

Find them under our section on the Different Types of ADHD.

Yes! Attend really works! See the articles below to see how using Attend for 30 days compared to using Ritalin for 30 days or EEG Biofeedback training for 30 days.

Are There Any Side-Effects With VAXA Attend?

No. There are no known side-effects with Attend.

Attend is unlike prescription stimulant medications that may have harmful side-effects. Attend works to naturally stimulate neural growth patterning, creating more neural connections and a wider neural network. Try Attend as a natural alternative for ADHD treatment whenever possible.

And to find an experienced therapist who provides counseling in Tehachapi for ADHD please give my office a call at (661) 972-5953.

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., M.S. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Tehachapi, CA who has been a skillful counselor to children, teens, and adults helping them to overcome ADHD, find relief for depression or anxiety, and solve other problems in life since 1989. He served on the medical advisory board to the company that makes Attend and Extress from 1997 through 2011, and he is the Editor of the ADHD Information Library online resource. His weekly ADHD Newsletter goes out to 9,500 families. Visit his website at for more information on achieving greater health, personal growth, Christ-centered spirituality, stress management, parenting skills, ADHD, working out the stresses of being a care-giver to elderly parents and also being a parent to teenagers, or finding greater meaning in retirement years, Dr. Cowan can be a valuable resource to you.

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