Attend for ADHD : Does Attend Really Work?

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Attend for ADHD Symptoms: Is Attend Effective as a Homeopathic Alternative Medicine ?

Attend Study Results

Attend is an over-the-counter homeopathic nutraceutical treatment - ADHD alternative medicine. There is no question that stimulant medications like Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, and Dexedrine work well for ADHD. But they can have side-effects that can be serious - so much so that they carry "Black Box" label warnings from the FDA. A comparison of studies shows that Attend makes as much improvement as Ritalin or EEG Biofeedback training. Compare for yourself.

attend ritalin results

Attend, and stimulant medications for ADHD, can help you to be more focused, more self-controlled, and get work done faster.

Clinical Studies on Attend for ADHD

Our clincial studies with computerized CPT tests found that 70% of the subjects using Attend for 30 days made statistically significant improvements in these areas:

  • FOCUS TO TASK- Focus improved One Standard Deviation on the bell curve; meaning that subjects could pay attention to boring tasks much better than before, and for a longer period of time. You could expect to see your child, or teenager, stay focused to his school work, or other tasks, longer and better. It will also help concentration in sports, and is sold under a different label for professional golfers.
  • SELF CONTROL - In one sense, Self-Control is the ability to inhibit impulsivity, to not be so impulsive. This measure improved over One and One-Half Standard Deviations; which means that your child or teen will make fewer mistakes from being impulsive, control themselves better, and make better decisions.
  • REACTION TIME - Reaction Time, as measured by a computer in thousanths of a second, improved One-Half of a Standard Deviation; which means neurological processing speed improves. Subjects processed information faster, and reacted faster. This is the hardest measure to improve, whether using Ritalin or Attend. Even college athletes improved their reaction time using Attend.
  • CONSISTENCY - The Consistency of Performance score improved more than One Standard Deviation. This is also known as the Variability score on the TOVA test. This is the most important score on the TOVA related to diagnosing and treating ADD ADHD. When this score improves, it means that your child or teen has:
    • FOCUSED longer and is more "dialed in" to the task
    • IMPROVED overall performance
    • LESS "SCATTERED" thinking and organization
    • BETTER PERFORMANCE at school
    • focus to GET WORK DONE
    • organization to TURN HOMEWORK IN on time

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