ATTEND Mini Size Capsules

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Attend MINIs for Kids Are Here!

Attend by VAXA. There are a lot of younger kids who could benefit from Attend, but they cannot swallow the capsules, which can seem quite large to a young child. So through the years we have tried emptying the contents (which taste terrible) in strawberry jam, followed by a mouthful of orange juice, and other tricks to try to get the ingredients down, but none are very successful long term.
attend mini sized capsules now available
But, finally, the good folks at VAXA have come up with Attend Minis, the Attend product in ½ size capsules that are much easier for a child, or adult, to swallow.

Here is a letter that I received just three days ago, pretty well summarizing the problem that many of you have experienced:

"How do I give my 7 yr old son Jack the Attend pill? The pill is to big to swallow for him. I tried to open the pill and put it in juice but it didn't dissolve so he wouldn't drink it all clumped up in his drink. Do you have any recipes I could add Attend to that would be quick and tasty?"

Here is the answer for most children trying to take the large, but effective, Attend capsules: the Attend Minis … with an easy to swallow capsule size.

Here is the company's press release:

April 28, 2010

VÄXA Launches Attend mini….a Smaller, Easier to Swallow Capsule of their Top Selling
Homeopathic Medicinal for Attention Support

Tampa, FL. April 28, 2010- VÄXA announced today the launch of their smaller sized capsules of their best selling homeopathic medicinal Attend for attention and focus support. Appropriately named for its miniature size, Attend mini provides the same effective formula as Attend in smaller capsules for easier swallowing for children and adults.

*Attend Mini Bottle*

With the high success of Attend, and the ever increasing demand for attention support for children, VÄXA created Attend mini to better reach those children and adults with difficulty swallowing pills. For many children, teens, and adults; capsule size plays a major role in whether or not they take a certain medicinal. VÄXA wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Attend, without pill size being an issue. Now with Attend mini, VÄXA can reach a larger audience and better serve their current customers.

So, what has made Attend one of VÄXA's top selling products since 1987? The answer is easy. It's the advanced, doctor-formulated homeopathic remedies in a base of herbal and nutritional components. Just like the original Attend, Attend mini contains a blend of over 95 ingredients that support focus, promote mental alertness, maintain a balanced mood, and even aid with periodic bouts of nervousness and hyperactivity.

The advanced gluten-free formulation of Attend mini works safely and effectively without sleepy or stimulant side-effects, and will not interact with any other medications. The Attend formulation is accepted for use by the Feingold Program® and is featured in the Prescription for Nutritional Healing, America's #1 Guide to Natural Health.

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